We can't wait to meet you!
No matter if this is your first time visiting or you've been here before, you are welcome!

When and where do we meet?

Since we are a community based church, we don't own a building.  Instead, we rent space for our Sunday gatherings from a local Episcopal Church (Christ Church Parish).  The address is 830 Romancoke Rd., Stevensville, MD 21666.  We meet in the church's fellowship Hall, called Shand Hall.  Our services start at 10am, but come early to nibble on cookies, drink some coffee, and catch up with friends and family.    

What is it like?

We meet in a fellowship hall, so each Sunday is gathering with friends and family.  We offer coffee and cookies before and after the service, and spend time catching up with one another after a long week.  Our services are a bit contemporary and a bit traditional.  Overall, as Pr. Matt likes to say, Sunday morning is like a team going to the locker room at halftime.  It is a time for us to gather, take a few breaths, and remember God's good news for us and for the world.  Our gatherings are designed to inspire is to love one another as God loves us.     

What about my kids?

At Living Water, our families worship together, and we would have it no other way.  The fellowship hall is a large room with plenty of room for your children to play, do crafts, and even make plenty of noise.  We welcome children into our gathering area, and take delight hearing the giggles and sounds children make.  We want your children to enjoy church.  If they enjoy church, you'll enjoy church. 

What do I wear?

Our community meets on an island in the middle of the Chespeake Bay.  We like to joke that we live an island life, and we dress like it.  Most of us wear jeans and t-shirts.  Some wear shorts and flip-flops.  Other wear a shirt and tie or a dress.  Feel free to dress comfortably.    

How can I get connected?

We have many ways for you to get connected.  You can contact us with any questions you have, and to get more information about our community.  You can follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, join our email list, schedule a visit with Pr. Matt, attend our Zoom prayer service, join a small group, and more.  Be sure to chat with one of our greeters to find out how you can become a part of our community.   

Questions? Please Contact Us