Wild Rides

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In our June series, we look at how the Holy Spirit inspired Jesus' disciples to do some wild things in the early years of the church.

Pr. Matt and Merry start a new series called Wild Rides.  In their first episode, they lament the seeming demise of the 2020 football season, argue over the virtue of gator tot hot dish and other Minnesota related comfort foods, chat about their favorite amusement park rides...riding roller coasters, and discuss how wild it must have been on the day of Pentecost so many years ago when the Jesus movement restarted in Jerusalem.  and Pentecost


 This week, we step a few years back and look at the Spirit of God active in creation.  Merry and I chat about creation as a love story about God and creation.  God is closer to us than our own breath closer to us than we are to ourselves.  Along the way we talk about current events, our favorite sitcom will-they-or-won't-they moments, and even get our nerd on talking about some ancient Hebrew words in the Bible. 

Matt and Merry continue their Wild Ride series when they look at times in life when life has led us in a different direction than we thought we were headed.  They reminisce about times in their own lives when they were headed to one place and found themselves in another--like an Oz museum and a wrestling match.  Then, they look at the story of Philip (from Acts 6&8) as he went from premodern social worker to early church evangelist.  They conclude by reflecting on the good news that no matter what life throws at us, God walks by our side, empowering and equipping us for the next thing around the corner.     


Matt and Merry talk about the story of Peter welcoming a Roman family into the Jesus movement (Acts 10).  Along the way, they chat about newly arrived furniture, look at in-groups and out-groups, share times in their lives when they felt welcomed by strangers, and rest in the good news that God adopts us all as God’s children, all heirs of God, all excepted into God’s family.  

 Pr. Matt and Merry continue their series, Wild Rides, with a look at Paul’s visit to Ephesus (Acts 19). They discuss the good news for us that God never stops speaking to us and through us. Along the way, they talk about their favorite cliffhangers, and the person in Matt's life honoring him with the title "Big Daddy."

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Matt and Merry conclude their series, Wild Rides, with a look at the story in Acts about Paul being shipwrecked on an island.  Along the way, they reminisce about one of their first dates when they took a tour on a pirate ship through the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.  Then, they chat about what led to Paul being on a ship headed to Rome, and what happened when the ship crashed into an island.  They share the good news of God's persistent love for this world. 

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