500 Words or Less

Jesus the Storyteller

Lent Series

It is the coronavirus era.  People are scared.  People are panicking.  They fear they won't have enough to survive.  They buy all they can.  Now, grocery store shelves are empty.  You can't even find toilet paper.  We now see that during times of crisis, we live in a world of scarcity.  It is important to remember that in the panic today, the promise of God is generosity.  Even now, God will shine from our hearts into the world.  People will support and care for one another.  And we will see God's presence in our midst.  We explore this promise in this week's episode.  

What a week it has been.  Just last week, we were planning gatherings together, and this week we are separated by social distance.  Who knew that our governing officials would place restrictions on large gatherings?  Who knew that number would dwindle from 50 to 25 to 10?  Who knew restaurants, bars, and movie theaters would be ordered closed by the state?  Who knew people had such an uncontrollable urge to stock up on toilet paper?  Who knew the beginning of spring would find us locked up in our homes?  Many people may be asking, “where is God now?”  I echo this question.  In times like this, it is important to look for and find where God is present to each of us in our own lives.  So, I ask you, where is your God now?  Where in your life do you see God present with you?


Jesus is on his way from Galilee to Jerusalem when someone stops him and asks him a question.  "Which commandment is the most important."  The conversation leads Jesus' to tell the story of The Good Samaritan.  What is the most important commandment?  How do we live that out today?  Who is our neighbor?  How can we show mercy even to our enemies?

One day, a rich young man approaches Jesus.  He has a simple question, "What can I do to get into God's kingdom."  Jesus tells him to sell everything he owns, and distribute it among the poor.  The young man goes away said, because he was very rich.  The disciples comment to Jesus that he was rather harsh to the fellow.  Jesus takes the opportunity to tell another story.  He tells them a story about workers hired by a generous boss to work in a vineyard.  How do we reflect God's generosity in our own lives?  How can generosity be used to proclaim the good news of God's love and presence in the the world?


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