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Winter Series

Into the Fray


Ever felt powerless?  Have to face down something in life that you have no control over?  Wish something was different?  Feel like you are an instrument in someone else's game?  Like we are passengers when we'd like to be behind the wheel?  We all have those times in life, big or small, when we feel powerless.  In this episode, we reflect on how God reacts when we are powerless, that God fights for us, and the promise of victory we have in God.

Have you ever needed a break?  Perhaps you did some back breaking work around the house, like running after a toddler, and you just needed to take a few minutes, or hours, or a full night rest?  Breaks are important.  This week we reflect on our need to withdraw, reenergize, and reconnect with God.

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Do you ever feel like giving up?  There are many storms we face in life.  They beat us up.  We sit in the corner wondering if we can go on fighting, and whether we should just throw in the towel and give up.  In this edition of 500 words or less we think about where God is when we find ourselves in a fight, and the victory God promises us in the end.

​“Practice random acts of kindness.”  “Commit senseless acts of beauty.”  Sounds like stuff you would hear from a self-help guru, on a hippie commune, or in any freshmen college orientation class everywhere at any time in world history.  Just a bunch of naive youthful, liberal, long haired commie poppycock.  Right?

Have you ever lost something valuable?  Ever face hardship and grief in your life and wonder "What do I do now?", when you were reduced to just getting through the storm?  This week, we reflect on this, and do so by looking at a popular coach of American football who learned the importance of grabbing the oars and rowing the boat through the roughest of waters and fiercest of storms. 


Who is your hero?  We live in a world with many heroes.  And we also live in a time when we see a lot of heroes fall from grace.  When this happens, it can make us question our worldview, our values, why we live the way we live, and even who we are.  Did you know, though, the greatest hero in the world is you?  That's right!  You may think to yourself that I'm nuts.  But it's true!  God calls us all to be heroes.  Even more, God equips and empowers us to be the very heroes that the world needs.  In this week's edition of 500 words, we explore this good news for our are the hero the world needs.