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This Sunday we continue our June series, Exiles, with #4, Exiled to Babylon.  We will remember the plight of the ancient Hebrew people as they were conquered by Babylon and forced to live in a foriegn land.  We will look at the laments they wrote as they struggled with God to figure out why all this was happening.  Some of these laments are in our Bible.  We will read a chaper from Lamentations, and reflect on Psalm 137.  Each of these is some of the hardest scritpure to read, but also the most vulnerable, allowing us to peer back into time to see that real people wrote the books we now consider sacred.  We will take a few moments to learn from them the importance of lament, how to lament, how to do so in a healthy way, and consider a God who laments with us.  

Join us in-person at 830 Romancoke Road, Stevensillve, MD (in the fellowship hall), or join us online by clicking here.