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This Sunday, we will do a service called When Jesus Preached.  This is a service that reflects on a parable that Jesus told so many years ago.  But when Jesus preached, it looked vastly different than it does today.  In Jesus day, sermons were stories, and stories were conversational.  Even in the synagogues, after the scriptures were read, the sermon was a discussion that some of us may have experienced as a knock-down, drag-out argument.  That was the culture then.  And this Sunday, we will dip our toe into that way of reflecting on God's good news for us and our community.  It may seem unconventional, but many say this is how Jesus preached so many years ago.  

So come on out this Sunday (08/01) when we will focus on Jesus' parable of the great banquet.  It is found in both Luke 14 and Matthew 22.  


We will look at one of Jesus' parables commonly known as The Great Banquet or The Wedding Feast (Luke 14 and Matthew 22).  Instead of a sermon, we will have a conversational style reflection as we discover together the Good News God has for our community.