Our Council

Our council is our oversight team. Every month, we get together, and receive reports from our many teams.  We provide vision and direction not only for our individual teams, but also for our larger community.

Our Music Team

Our team is always working to give great music each and every week.  We sing songs that make us happy, and make us feel good.  We also sing songs that make us think, and help us reflect on God and our lives.  We sing everything from praise choruses, top 40 Christian tunes, and, of course, old favorites from the hymnals.   

Our Finance Team

Our finance team faithfully cares for the many donations we receive each week.  We make sure the lights stay on and the place stays warm.  We do that vital, behind the scenes work that ensures that our community is open and ready every Sunday. 

Our Fundraising Team

One thing you can't get away from in life is a light bill.  Even here at the church, we have to keep the lights on.  And, who can predict those unexpected things that pop up now and again.  Our Fundraising Team steps up with creative ways to raise funds when we need them.

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