Our Vision

The Church building is no longer the social center for a community.  More and more people choose not to go to a church building to find God.  Most people consider themselves spiritual but not religious, and seek out God through other kinds of activities and communities.  This tells us that while people lose trust in the church as an institution, they still yearn to connect with God and with one another.  We believe that we have good news to share in a world eager to hear it.  God is present with us, no matter where we gather.  So, we don't own a building.  Our focus is to live out God's calling for our lives throughout the community.  We focus on creating small groups where those seeking a connection with God and others can eperience just that.  We are a community based congregation.        

Our Mission

We believe that we are ambassadros of Christ in this world.  We believe that we are the resurrected and returned body of Christ in this world. We strive to be truly present in our communities as Jesus was present so long ago.  We strive to be Jesus risen and returned in our world by the way we love one another and by the way we welcome both neighbor and stranger.  Our desire is to experience the good news of God's healing love for us and all creation.  We endeavor to proclaim the good news that God has for us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we strive not only to do this on Sunday morning, but how we live our lives everyday of the week.