Christmas Isn't Cancelled

This year is coming to an end much like it began.  Things are closing down again, and we find ourselves strongly encrouaged to maintain social distance.  Many churches are now cancelling their Christmas Eve service.  It may seem like the end of a holiday movie where it looks like Christmas will be cancelled.  So, we reflect on how Christmas is never really cancelled.  Christmas is alive and well when we live out God's good news for this world.  


We will have fun while we reflect on this truth.  Each week, we will look at some of our favorite Christmas movies when it seemed that Christmas would be cancelled.  And we will look at what the characters did to make sure that Christmas was alive and well.  We will then look at the Christmas story in the Bible to see what God has done to make sure that the ideals of Christmas are never cancelled, are alive and well in this world, what we can do to make sure that Christmas happens this year.


What movies will we watch together during this series?  We asked our most loyal members what their favorite movies are, and here are the most popular from the list...

  • December 6: White Christmas. 
  • December 13: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  
  • December 20: Miracle on 34th Street.  
  • December 27: A Christmas Carol (FX's latest release)