Souperbowl #3.  The Emerging Era and the Promise of New Life.

Pr. Matt and Merry sit down to chat about the end of one era and the birth of a new one.  There are events in life that change the course of history, whether our personal history or our culture's history.  We can think of those big events; 09/11, sudden loss, the current pandemic, those events that change things for us.  We are living in one of those times right now.  One era is passing away, and another is emerging.  We look at the story of Tabitha in Acts 9:36-42, how this was the shift of one era to another, and the ever present promise of God to guide us into brand new and resurrected life.  Along the way, we give an update on our souperbowl, all the while trying to remain undistracted from the NFL championship games happening in the next room.