Sunday Gatherings
10 am in-person or on Zoom

Our Sunday gatherings are at 10:00 a.m.  While social distancing rules still apply, our attendance limits have been lifted.  If you wish to come, we have room for you.  We will also simulcast on Zoom for those who observe safer-at-home procedures, click here to join online.    

Current Series
Raised to Life

Over the next few weeks, we will look at the resurrection accounts we find in the four Gospels as well as other books in the Bible.  We will look at the unique take each Gospel writer has on what Jesus' resurrection meant for them then and what it means for us today.  And, we will hear about two traditions of the time that the Gospel writers have tried to blend into one.  Here's what's coming over the coming weeks...

  • Raised to life according to Mark
  • Raised to life according to Matthew
  • Raised to life according to Luke
  • Raised to life according to John
  • Raised to life: the Galillean Tradition
  • Raised to life: the Jerusalem Tradition

Join us on Sunday morning, 10am, in-person or via Zoom (click here for the link), and click here to listen to our weekly podcast, Life on the Water.




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Prayer Requests
Do you have a joy or sorrow to share?

Click here to go to our prayer request page.  If you add a joy or sorrow, Pr. Matt will pray for that throughout the week, and also raise the request in prayer during our Sunday morning service.