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Update... Our Sunday gatherings are cancelled until further notice.  We just launched a weekly podcast so that we can continue to remember the good news for us today.  Check it out below.  And we will continue posting our 500 Words or Less column.  Check back often to see our updates and keep in touch with everyone happening on the water.  

Easter at Home and Online

We may not be able to meet in our gatherings spaces this Easter, but that doesn't mean that Easter is cancelled.  The tomb is still empty.  Christ is still alive.  We still live, no matter how distanced or sheltered, as the resurrected and returned body of Christ on earth.  The old passes away.  Look, everything is being made new!  This is God's promise to us.  Come hell or high-water, we will celebrate.    

Easter Sunday -- April 12, 2020 -- 10am

With Home Communion

New Podcast!

This Week


Matt and Merry tell the story of a couple finding true love when they bump into each other at a brunch buffet.  Along the way, they talk about awkward first dates, life in the coronavirus era, and buying a house.  They also chat about an important ritual to remember the promises God has made to us, the life we've been called to live, and the commitments we made to one another.  Fry up a batch of pancakes, set one aside as the special one, and listen along as Matt and Merry tell the story of the special pancake.

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500 Words or Less

Don't Panic!  There will be enough

It is the coronavirus era.  People are scared.  People are panicking.  They fear they won't have enough to survive.  They buy all they can.  Now, grocery store shelves are empty.  You can't even find toilet paper.  We now see that during times of crisis, we live in a world of scarcity.  It is important to remember that in the panic today, the promise of God is generosity.  Even now, God will shine from our hearts into the world.  People will support and care for one another.  And we will see God's presence in our midst.  We explore this promise in this week's episode.  

Our Community

At Living Water we realize that the church is the people not the building.  So, we don't own a building.  While we rent a space to gather on Sundays, our main focus is on being present in new ways in the communities where we live.  We want to be God present in the world.  To do this, we are forming Christian life groups that meet throughout our communities--at coffee shops, theaters, bowling alleys, the pub, and even around the kitchen tables in our own homes.  We hope to be truly present in our communities as Jesus was present to ancient communities so long ago.  We strive to be Jesus risen and returned to our world in the way we love one another.  I desire is in doing this we may experience the good news of God's healing love for us and all creation.  We invite you to join us as we follow God's call for us and our community.

When and Where do we Meet?

While we are a community based church, our primary meeting happens on Sunday morning.  We rent the fellowship hall for a couple hours every Sunday from a local Episcopal Church. We meet at 10am at 830 Romancoke Road, Stevensville, MD.  Please click on our Contact page for directions and more information.