Mid-Week Reflection.
Dark Night of the Soul #2

This week, we reflect on the story of Hagar from Genesis.  She is forced to bare a child to Abraham and Sarah, thrown out of her home, and made to wander through the wilderness with her new born child.  Assaulted, abandoned, and homeless.  Where was God in Hagar's dark night?  Click here to listen to our reflection.

Drive-In Service at 10am
Our services continue through the magic of FM radio

To stay safe, we suspended our indoor gatherings for now.  But we will still meet at 10am for a drive-in service.  Simply park in our lot, tune your radio to 98.3, and participate together in our service through the magic of FM radio.  We will have prayer, songs, communion, and a word fo encouragement and good news.  

Sunday Series
February 21- March 21, 2021

One of the things that defines a 21st century church is community.  It is a place where all people are embraced, cared for, safe, and belong.  it is a place where you are not alone.  In this series, we will look at some important friendships throughout the Bible when people supported one another in the lives God called them to live together.  

Podcast Series
Being a 21st Century Church

Pr. Matt and Merry sit down with a few guests to talk about being a 21st century church.  What is it?  What does it look like?  How do we get there?  We explore these questions and more with some pretty cool guests, including...

  • Rev. Dr. Fred Lehr, author of Becoming a 21st Century Church.
  • Bishop William Gohl of the ELCA's DE/ MD Synod
  • Rev. David Shank, assistant to Bishop Gohl
  • Rev. Laura Sinche, campus pastor at UMBC, Towson, and Morgan State
  • Rev. James Retallack, friend and colleague to discuss the pros and cons of the emegering church in the average parish.

Be sure to listen to each episode as we explore the various and diverse opinions about what it means to be a 21st century church.


Lent Devotional
Every Wednesday throughout Lent via podcast (A Life on the Water Series)

Everyone of us has faced tough times in life.  We've lived through a dark night.  We wondered if we would ever see the light emerge on the horizon.  In this devotional series, we will look at some people in the Bible who experienced dark nights of their own, where they found hope, and where God was for them.  Click here to listen to our Lent Devotions.